About us


We are a team of experienced networking and software engineers who started researching and developing overlayer networking technology in 2013. We aim to eliminate the barriers of physical and cloud networks in an efficient, safe, and low-cost manner. So everyone can have more freedom to access information and private resources regardless of where they may be.


What is izzbie network

Izzbie network is a Software Defined Perimeters solution that conceals internet-connected infrastructure, such as servers and routers, so that external entities cannot see them, whether they are hosted on-premises or in the cloud. Unlike traditional, network-based security solutions, SDP takes a different approach, securing the user, the application, and the connectivity in-between. The goal of izzbie SDP is to base the network perimeter on software instead of hardware, providing a robe of invisibility over servers and internal resources to prevent external entities from accessing them. However, authorized users can still see and access these resources, subject to authentication and access control policies.