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Share anything, with anyone without the need for an intermediary. Create your own private internet and share it with your friends, while also earning rewards. Get started today.

Key Benefits

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  • User Friendly

    Simple and easy process to get your mining device setup and running

  • Secure

    End-to-end AES 256 tunnel
    encryption for highest security

  • Earn Rewards

    The more data generated via your ‘node’ the more money you make

  • Connect Anywhere

    peer-to-peer comunication, enabling you to share with anyone, anywhere

  • Build Your Own Network

    Build your own private internet network, that only you and your friends can access.

How it Works

A new way to interact with the internet

Izzbie Pro offers an array of functions that enables miners to either allow users to use their mining machine as a decentralized VPN node, or create their own ecosystem of shareable content that can be accessed by users purely P2P, that generates dataflow which is calculated into token rewards.

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